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Guyed Masts


Guyed masts can be designed or checked to the rules of EIA-222-G & F, BS8100 Part 4, AS3995

Bangladeshi and Indian standards.


Models are an accurate lattice truss, not a simplified stick model. For large tubular masts a special version of the program is available.


Features in the program give true analysis of the catenary cables under wind load with or without insulators in the cables.


Asymmetrical ice loading on guys can be defined and calculated.


Gust factoring to Appendix N of BS8100 part 4 is available, this will give greater strength in an existing mast.


Structural spines may be modelled so that the wind forces used are those on the wind shield only if required.

Virtual view of Rotating Log Periodic Antennae


Detail at an Anti-Twist frame.

Animated displacement of a 340m mast.

A large low frequency array.











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